Dear Readers-

We live in a world driven by commercial messages about entitled happiness and freedom of choice. Our relationships bear the burden of the misguided belief, that, like the stuff we accumulate, they are interchangeable and disposable if they do not meet our needs. Instead of recognizing another’s capacity to teach us how to love more, we refuse the daily, messy work of relating—learning how to communicate, negotiate and master shared difficulties and challenges.

This misunderstanding impacts our ability to commit, as well. True happiness comes as a result of sustained emotional investment in other people. When we commit, we agree to not measure our relationship on a daily barometer. Although there may be many a day when honoring our commitment and values in our relationships contradict our momentary feelings of frustration and disappointment in the relationship, commitment comes from developing the ability to remember that you really love someone, even if you aren’t feeling it.

Ultimately our loving relationships are the most gentle and effective education we engage in to become the person we want to be. Rather than focusing on finding the right partner, commitment to our loving relationships works best when we approach it as a method of personal growth.  Love is an action verb that is developmental, which means that with practice and intention we all have the capacity to love better and more.

I have been in the business of love for close to a decade. Like my loving relationships, embracing my commitment to creating the resources and products that can help others keep their own promises to love has transformed me into a better version of myself. Your trust and willingness to open your relationships and your hearts to me over the years has made me the loveologist that I am today and has been the impetus to create the Good Clean Love Daily for your continued education and enjoyment.

Our new online journal will be a continuously evolving tribute to the work of love. Our focus will remain where it all started with our mission of expanding the experience and awareness of love in the world. So whether your questions are about the mystery and magic of making love or the tough emotional places of learning to see what there is to keep you committed, we will continue to offer you the resources and inspirational ideas to keep your love vital and passionate.

The Good Clean Love Daily is only as valuable as your willingness to interpret and experiment with these ideas in your own relationship. Tell us what works and what doesn’t. Share your own stories of sustainable, life changing love here. Please spread the love; share this with your friends and lovers.


Love from the Loveologist,

Wendy Strgar