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July 17th, 2009
I am a 55 yr old male. My spouse of 33 yrs have an excellent sex life. My question is lately I have a prolonged erection with no climax. The 15 minute plus sessions without reaching an orgasm are becoming somewhat frustrating and my wife is bagged by the end of the session. Is this normal as a passage of age and what can I do to reach an orgasm?
Delayed ejaculation can be caused by many things, including age and medications (often the two go hand in hand). Additionally, anything that gets in the way of arousal can negatively affect your orgasms. Common causes include relationship issues such as anger & resentment, or anxiety.

What to do…If medication and relationship issues are ruled-out, I recommend you try the below.

As we age, our sexual response changes. It’s not unusual to need more sexual stimulation to achieve erections and/or ejaculation. Try focusing more on pleasure than “performance”. After all, orgasm is what is reached at the peak of sexual arousal. So, make sure you are sufficiently aroused BEFORE you begin intercourse. In other words, spend more time in outercourse activities, such as kissing, manual and oral sex. Also, multiple stimulation can be an effective way to amp your arousal level. For example, kissing and/or having your wife touch multiple erogenous areas of your body (nipples, anus, balls) at the same time. Whether or not you ejaculate or have intercourse…your level of sexual pleasure is sure to increase.

Remember, sex does not always have to conclude with an orgasm. Change things up a bit, relax, and enjoy.

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  1. Anna Says:

    I am a 27 year old female dating a 27 year old male. He always wants me to have many orgasms during sex and I think coming about 3-5 times on my part is sufficient; otherwise it becomes uncomfortable. Yesterday he told me that he had made his ex have 40 orgasms in one sexual session – only having intercourse. I have been with many people – both women and men, and I have discussed sex with many women – I do not think that this is possible. Maybe she does not really know what an orgasm is??? like she got really close a bunch and thought it was an orgasm…. Do you think this is possible? I have always been a pretty orgasmic person, especially compared to all of my other female friends who have always had trouble coming even one time during intercourse.
    Is it really possible to have 40 orgasms in one sexual intercourse session?
    Wouldn’t she be in pain?

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