About the Author

“Ultimately our loving relationships are the most gentle and effective education we can engage in to become the person we want to be.”

Wendy Strgar is founder and CEO of Good Clean Love.  Her natural and organic product line is endorsed by physicians and therapists throughout the country.  Wendy is a loveologist  and the author of  Love that Works: A guide to enduring intimacy.  She writes and lectures on the practice of cultivating sustainable relationships which is a green philosophy of  intimacy which teaches the importance of valuing the renewable resources of loving relationships and family. She is a thought leader on sexual health issues on  Care2, Huffington Post and Elephant journal, Family Health Guide and Your Tango among other blogs.   She tackles the challenging issues of sustaining relationships and healthy intimacy with an authentic and disarming style and simple yet innovative advice.

Wendy has studied natural health care for over twenty years and brings this expertise to the formulation of Good Clean Love products.  She has pioneered the development and education efforts to improve the quality and standards of intimacy product ingredients nationwide.   Good Clean Love products are distributed and recommended by medical professionals nationwide.

Wendy has a Masters Degree in education and has taught personal development workshops for many years.  A strong proponent of educational reform, she believes that the skills required to love are both definable and developmental.   She writes:  “The atmosphere in which love can thrive can be defined.  The elements which build a healthy and sustainable container of love are all skill based, which means with education and attention, anyone can improve upon them.”  The educational resources she provides are dedicated to creating a culture which normalizes and promotes the discovery of healthy sexuality.

Healing the sexual component of her own relationship transformed her marriage, her health and her life.  She has studied sexuality and relationships through history and across cultures and interviews authors, thought leaders, sex therapists and educators about love and intimacy on her weekly radio show, Lunch with the Loveologist on LA Talk Radio.   She works to educate on the healing and transformative power of sexuality which is supported in hundreds of major medical studies which include stronger immune response, better heart health, reduction in chronic pain and lower incidence of depression.

Wendy believes that sexual love is one of  life’s greatest mysteries.  There is no other single act at our disposal that has the power to unite two people so completely. Learning/ teaching how to harness this powerful energy and use it for the benefit of your most intimate relationships is the foundation of her work.  Wendy lives in the beautiful Northwest with her husband of 27 years and their four children ages 13-22.