The Good Clean Love Blog Gets A Facelift!

June 17th, 2009

Cool new things are happening at Good Clean Love! Our products are in more and more stores. We are providing free samples and helpful information to healthcare providers across the country. We are contributing our unique voice for sustainable love to more and more blogs and online communities. Every week our newsletter goes out to over 5,000 friends and community members. And on top of all that we are building a nonprofit to help stop sexual violence against young girls around the globe. Here at Good Clean Love we are living our mission to increase the awareness and experience of love in the world and we want to share it all with you!

The Good Clean Love blog makeover is the first step in connecting the dots between you, our customers, and the wide range of communities that we serve. Our new blog will combine all the features of Making Love Sustainable and Your Sex Questions Answered into one easy-to-access space that will also offer industry news, product updates and company information.

Our goal is to make this a place of vibrant conversation about everything that Good Clean Love believes in- ways to make your love sustainable, tips and tools for maintaining an active and healthy intimate lifestyle, and ideas to spread the love to friends, healthcare providers, and girls in need. For all the ways that sex is promoted and sold online, there is precious little discussion about the real work of loving and the mystery of finding pleasure with the people we love.

We want to be the home of those discussions for you!

Along with my frequent sustainable love insights, and regular dialogue about your sexual questions by Doctor Lori Buckley, look for other Good Clean Love team members to give you a glimpse of love and relationships as well as what its like to build a love business from the inside.

Our new social media and communications manager, Kaya Hardin, will be coordinating our presence online – blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube – as well as managing the other tools we’ll use to keep you in the loop as Good Clean Love grows.

My oldest daughter, Ana Strgar, and marketing guru Denise Ryan will be pioneering our new nonprofit. As we try to stop the insanity that sex has become for 27 million girls, you will learn as we do what it takes to create a force for good in the world.

So welcome to the new and improved Good Clean Love blog! We look forward to building a life full of love here with you.

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