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Love With Wendy – Dreaming Out Loud

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

The best moments in my life are the ones that I am connected to the people around me. They are the moments when I am not wondering about anywhere else or worried about what comes next.  This place of full presence is a magical one because when you find yourself in it, life is good.  Even in a crisis or emergency when clock time is meaningless,  we are left only with what is and we have only now.  Rich, deep, long-lasting memories form in this space when you are fully present and, like a magnet, you can pull people into your space of fullness.

Working with cancer patients  lately has shown me how powerfully healing our presence can be. One of the members of the group recently shared a story of her sister who is a flight attendant sharing the tender words of one of her youngest passengers. The little girl was a “Make-A-Wish”  patient on her way to Disneyland and the magic that awaited her was all that was real in that moment.  Her sister talked about how deeply moved she was by the child’s clarity and joy,  and her sister, the cancer patient, reminded her that the little girl was probably equally moved by hers.

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