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Water Shatters Glass

Thursday, November 2nd, 2006
"Stir" by the artist in the piece

“Stir” by the artist in the piece

Tonight I learned a physics lesson, live, in my own oven. I added a bit of warm water to a pyrex glass pan, and shattered it to pieces. I still don’t fully understand the power that warm water has to shatter glass, no more than I understand the rate at which relationships all around us are failing. Maybe I am drawing a metaphor that doesn’t hold up, but when you think of an innocent glass of lukewarm water having the capacity to shatter hot glass, perhaps its not so surprising that we humans collide so ungracefully through life.

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Time For Love

Wednesday, October 11th, 2006

cuteseniorsMaking time for love is an important barometer of the commitment and sustainability of your relationship. When you consider the outrageous scheduling hoops we agree to without qualm in our work setting, or even more intensely in managing our children’s activity calendar, it makes you wonder how the idea of scheduling intimacy could still be so taboo.

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We Are Herd Animals

Monday, September 25th, 2006

Some days, try as you might, the weight of all the promises yet to keep is almost unbearable.  I work at mindfulness, seeing the trees as I drive and noticing a bird overhead or the sound of my children’s voices.  I work to create a thought that can move me closer to gratitude and optimism, which sometimes feels like a leap.  The thought that moves me with the most certainty every time is knowing that I have a partner, a lover, a husband who will stand by me.

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