Join Wendy while she works to master the art, study the science and discover the practice of positivity one day at a time. The growing body of scientific research in positive psychology proves without a doubt that shifting your thinking habits from negative to positive creates a thriving life. When you train yourself to remain open, curious and lean towards wonder, surprise, gratitude and occasional moments of awe, the way you see your life changes the life itself.

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Leaders Are Made of Love

December 16th, 2014

lovetunnelresizedIf you haven’t yet seen the Heisman trophy acceptance speech by Marcus Mariota, give yourself a moment of cheer and watch what real love looks like. He is living proof that real leaders are not born, but rather made through the grace of being loved. I live in Eugene, OR and college football is how we are known, if we are at all throughout the country. Phil Knight’s Nike has long made us the fashion statement of the league, with enough uniforms to outfit ten schools, but there is nothing like true leadership when it comes to a winning trajectory.

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Positivity Quest: Affirmation #7- I Let Go Easily

December 9th, 2014

file000410831036Here is an affirmation that everyone can benefit from-

“I let go of past circumstances easily and painlessly.” This one takes practice, but the more I embrace it, the more I can easily slip into what is right in front of me and the less old stories impact my days.  I have recently made a breakthrough in this space when a friend/ teacher shared with me how these old habitual mental patterns from the past were actually magnetizing the negative energy I was working so hard to discharge.

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Positivity Quest – Affirmation 6- Being Capable

November 24th, 2014

artistpaintingI am capable of everything I dream of doing.

Believing in one’s own capacity is everything if you want to keep growing and learning. Facing the obstacles and challenges that come are part and parcel of the growth process is only sustainable if you truly do trust yourself and your capacity to stay in the game while you figure it out.

Good Clean Love is deep in the process of fulfilling its own potential and its success is linked to my ability to do the same.  Although there are many days that feel bigger than me, and more often than not,  I am not the leader I aspire to be. Wanting to do it and believing that I am capable gives me the courage to try again,  to take a rest and come back to it,  to look at it from another angle.

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Positivity Quest: Receiving Is How the Transmission of Love Transforms Us

November 17th, 2014

0e0a2e24b338ce00eec081fd9a1f91d9Loving acts change us only when we are able to witness and receive them. In contrast, when we don’t actively perceive and accept the loving intentions of those around us, they lose their potency quickly and can even lead to conflict. It is more common than not for people to miss loving acts completely because their powerful filters of what they expect love to look and feel like dismiss loving acts completely.

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Positivity Quest Affirmation 5: Flowing Abundance of Gratitude

November 7th, 2014

deadseaThere is something magical and unique about the felt experience of gratitude.  I have come to believe that  it is as close as we get in our daily lives to an ecstatic connection to the divine. Experiencing the goodness surrounding us viscerally with the practice of feeling gratitude awakens and opens our heart, while simultaneously creating the lightness of joy.

For many years, in fact for most of my life,  I had no idea or access to this deeply  personal experience of deep gratitude. When I would express gratitude, it was in words only,  a formality that was returned after a kindness offered. What I learned when I began to actively study how gratitude works within us  is that  you have be able to receive to feel grateful.

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Positivity Quest: Affirmation 4- Money, People and Resources…

November 3rd, 2014

gratitude1“Believing you have enough is the beginning of having enough.”


Every day in the in-between space of sleeping and waking, I repeat to myself, “I have enough money, resources and people to achieve my and Good Clean Love’s fullest potential.” I don’t start repeating this until I have awoken with a deep sense of gratitude about my life. I start with the easy and obvious – like feeling grateful for waking up in my bed next to my husband, with the cat purring on the end of the bed and the old dog snoring on the floor beside me. I give thanks for the people I love and for all the sweet, small comforts of having another day in this body, in this life.

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Positivity Quest: Affirmation 3

October 30th, 2014

butterfly“If you wish for light, be ready to receive light.”  -Rumi


Years ago, when I had just begun this journey of creating the life I had longed for, a teacher gave me this affirmation, which I have been holding ever since-  “I am a joyful, grateful, excellent receiver.” At the beginning, I remember how awkward the words felt in my throat, how foreign the idea of being an active receiver was to me.  Since then, I have come to treasure this thought and, thankfully, even in times of deep stress, this has become a default space in my heart.

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Positivity Quest – Affirmation 2: I Trust Myself and What I Know

October 29th, 2014

loveiseverythingresized“Self trust is the first secret of success.”  -Ralph Waldo Emerson


Trusting what you know is the bedrock of befriending yourself.  Choosing the beliefs that ground you to your life is everything. Today, on my 53rd birthday, as I consider what I know for sure…

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Positivity Quest- Affirmation #1: I Love Myself

October 28th, 2014

balloongirl“All other love is extinguished by self-love; beneficence, humanity, justice, philosophy, sink under it.”  -Epicurus


I am not sure why I started with the most difficult of all affirmations to begin my book, and surely I am among many who read the words: “I love myself,” but can’t quite feel them.

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Positivity Quest: 100 Days of Affirmations

October 27th, 2014

153544668515142351_3fMV8Jz7_cAbout a month ago I got an interesting homework assignment from an energetic counselor that I work with. She asked me to make a set of 100 affirmation cards and to not only read them, but actually feel them every day. I had learned before that real change comes from what we fully experience as real. I spent days researching affirmations and then another day choosing and compiling the 100 that resonated most deeply. I glued them into an index card booklet and began the twice daily task of experiencing them each day.

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