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Positivity Again: Believing in Sufficiency

January 31st, 2014

hand2Running a product company is like trying to solve an algebraic equation that has no answer.  By definition, you never have the money you need to get bigger, because the inventory you need to buy now won’t sell until much late and the faster you grow, the more you have to buy now for later.

The biggest expense that any business has is the cost of people to help you grow. In some financial industries that don’t sell any tangible products that cost alone can be 80% of the money they generate.  This is another cost of growth that defies equations,  you often need better people than you can actually afford before you can afford them.

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Positivity Again: Happy for Them

January 30th, 2014

earthheartI think something is happening to me. This new attention to positivity is going in deeper than before- and I am able to feel grateful and generous at times that used to be taken over by anxiety. The other day, on my trip to see Rite Aid and Kroger, I stopped in CVS and saw a couple of my main natural competitors on the shelf.

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Positivity Again: Still Dreaming

January 28th, 2014

airportcoupleTraveling again.  Moving through time zones across the country.  I am in Baltimore at the historical Lord Baltimore hotel, which is currently under renovation. My room is one of the first to be renovated.  It is beautifully appointed, but they didn’t account for the single digit temperatures when they were dealing with the old single pane windows.  The bathroom is an ice box.

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Positivity Again: How Lucky That I Get To…

January 22nd, 2014

gratitude1It has been really foggy where I live for days. Yesterday, the sun popped through in part of town and it was astonishing to me how bright the world seemed. I felt like I could breathe again and I was uplifted. My mood was bright for the first time in days.   Again today, though the fog is covering our little community like a cap. I hear that just 25 miles in any direction there is light.  Getting up and getting started with this darkness hanging around has been hard.

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Positivity Again- Building a Love Movement

January 22nd, 2014

4c9a841152258f37f98f64eb2135f8ebA marked point is the space in the field of chaos where order begins to take shape.  I learned about this piece of chaos theory from my good friend, writing partner and social movement architect, Jenn Hirsch. Jenn’s business,  Marked Point -named after this theory, (which the less trained eye might call just another marketing firm), is helping me create a Love Movement. It started out as an idea to get our current, loyal customers to go to our new vending partners to buy products and pay them with other products, but getting people to buy stuff has nothing to do with creating a movement that has the power to transform life.

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Positivity Again: The Weight of Sadness

January 22nd, 2014

domvi1resizedGrief and sadness fill the world. There is so much loss, disappointment and frustrated attempts that impact so many people that I have come to believe that these are not just feelings but real entities that have weight and even take on a form inside of us.   One of the dangers of learning to feel deeply is how impacted you are by the feeling experience of others. The Buddhist name for this practice is tonglen, when you deliberately breathe in the grief, fear and sadness of others and allow it to transmute into peace inside you, breathing out love and compassion.  I need more practice at this- turning our collective pain into peace.

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Positivity Again: Most Precious

January 17th, 2014

dawnI was in the courtyard yesterday after a long break. This is a space that I have been working on for close to three years now, transforming it into a welcoming, reflective space where kids can go and get a breath and remember themselves and their potential. The efforts were inspired by a series of tragic events, most specifically, the deaths of two students at the coast. They were swept into the ocean and drowned in front of their friends. The horror and grief of this event rocked our community and inspired us to create a permanent space to celebrate life.

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Positivity Again: Feeling Inside

January 15th, 2014

thinkingmanI am building this renewed writing practice as an extension of my ongoing mediation focus on learning to deeply feel my body.  Each morning I bridge the dream world with a guided meditation deep into the felt sense of living inside myself.  Breath work is foundational in every meditative practice, because it is the one autonomic function that is also at our command. Just learning how to pay attention to air moving in and out of the body slows the mind, and with time and practice pulls you into a quiet rhythm in your belly.

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Positivity Again: Wanting to Run Into Jim

January 14th, 2014

dockJim took his life on Friday evening.  The last time I saw him, I was at his newest restaurant with my son Luke for a late lunch.  He was there and spent time talking to us, about old times on the soccer team where Luke and his son, Henry played together for many years. We talked about their respective plans for college and he shared more about how he plans menus for his new restaurants. His restaurants had been favorite eating places since we moved here over a decade earlier. I had spent many hours by the side of a soccer pitch, getting to know his three younger daughters and throwing around the occasional conversation about growing a business in our small community.  Jim was one of the few people with whom I looked forward to sharing my stories of my growing business. That late fall afternoon, he seemed calmer and more available than ever before.

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Positivity Again: Letting Go

January 8th, 2014

coconwendyI have a very old Rhodesian Ridgeback for a companion.  She is 12-years-old and can still break out on an impressive run when we walk.  But when she sleeps, she shudders and her breathing is raggedy. Ridgebacks are smart- some books suggest that they are as smart as a four-year-old child.  I know that Coco knows things and that her anxious looks as I walk out the door without her are real. I have always taken my dogs with me to work.   They have been the mascots at my office and in some quiet ways have built the bridges between people.

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