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The Key to Gratitude is Recognition

Saturday, November 23rd, 2013

happywomanresizedContributed by Darlene Mars

(November’s Key to Gratitude Contest Weekly Winner)

For me, the key to gratitude is recognizing that absolutely everything that is happening in my life is a sacred gift. All experiences up until now, have converged to teach me, whether through pain or pleasure, how to live this life with greater reverence.

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The Key to Gratitude is the Little Things

Friday, November 15th, 2013

13336152_f8e55c7332Contributed by A. R.

(November’s Key to Gratitude Contest Weekly Winner)

Before each meal my little family says ‘thank you for this day, this food and _______’. It could be an A in chemistry for my daughter. Finding the lost wrench for my husband. Its little things – like forks, dirt roads, ice. We have to actually stop and consciously think about our answers. I have a neighbor with MS, so as I’m walking across the yard, I say thank you because I can walk across the yard. Thank you to the moon. Thank you to the breeze.The weeds that make the prettiest flowers. I’ve had the big house, the trips you need passports for. And I’m far happier in my little house with my little family. Thankful for all the little things that make life amazing.

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The Key to Gratitude is Awareness

Friday, November 8th, 2013


Contributed by Grady Tude
(November’s Key to Gratitude Contest Weekly Winner)


When my wife died suddenly and unexpectedly at only 58 years old my life unravelled. After a few months I began my slow return to reality from the daze and haze of shock and legal bullstuff. My life seemed to be in  shambles, pointless and simply too much trouble to continue. In retrospect, and awareness, I can say “Thank you, debilitating depression” because I’m grateful that it kept me from acting on the inevitable negativity that follows such a life tragedy. But as the haze cleared and I regained my life, or should I say “reinvented” my life, I became aware of the loving help I was receiving from friends, family and social groups. That awareness led to gratefulness.

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SOCAP: A Tribe of Social Entrenprenuers

Saturday, August 3rd, 2013

socaphall I am so excited to have won a spot at the upcoming SOCAP conference for Social Entrepreneurs.  This group of social innovators, investors and entrepreneurial minds is dedicated to increasing the flow of capital to social good.

It takes place in San Francisco the first week of September.

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Alive Multivitamins

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

Mike was one of my first friends when I started selling Good Clean Love products close to a decade ago at the Natural Products show.  It was one of his sales managers who introduced us because she was so excited about the powerful impact our products had on her intimate life.  Mike was skeptical at first, like most of my friends in the serious business of supplements, but a true learner in life, he was always open minded and came to appreciate my unique brand of love education and product support.  In fact, his was the first serious business deal I ever made. His company bought 5000 bottles of our product to package with their Hot Plants brand as a holiday gift with purchase. One of my first business trips was this visit to Wisconsin. I still remember the tour he escorted me on. As I walked around with my gown, mask and hair net, he explained the complexity, detail and remarkably high standards that went into making every single pill.

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Intimacy is the Glue: An Ode to Hope Springs

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

“The antidote to exhaustion isn’t rest. It’s wholeheartedness.”   –David Whyte, poet

I haven’t loved a movie as much as I did Hope Springs in quite a while.  It was the sometimes painfully realistic portrayal of what happens in a marriage or any relationship when the people involved stop saying the hard things that need to be said.  More painful still are the myriad of ways that people stop touching each other, both in the early stages of discomfort with their own sexuality and in the latter stages of anger and resentment for not being wanted sexually.  Meryl Streep plays the beautiful, wounded wife to the angry and unreachable Tommy Lee Jones.

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Let Love Out

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

I was a guest on a really cool radio show in San Francisco called an Organic Conversation when I first learned of the Let Love Out campaign. The designer of this universal symbol of love was being interviewed, also. He explained how he combined an interlocking heart with an infinity sign to create a symbol for all that is good within us and for all the good that we can do when we let it out. Carl Priolo, shared how he had created this emblem in honor of his brother Chris who died from AIDS with the intention of spreading the message of love and tolerance.

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